Our Services

Public Affairs

At EU MAP Consulting we ensure our clients are able to navigate the complex political processes and build strategic relationships in order to reach the right people at the right time.

Target audiences are carefully identified for maximum impact – be they Ministers, MPs, MEPs, Civil Servants, local government representatives or politicians in devolved administrations.

Work for our clients is guided by:

– A strong awareness and understanding of the political agenda within the Institutions of the European Union and national governments;

– The identification of the key players in Brussels and in the EU Member States;

– Focus on accurate timing for delivering of briefings and messages for maximum effect;

In addition, we are positioned to be a source of reliable and credible information for the EU Institutions on behalf of our clients, and are capable of building alliances where necessary in order to optimize influence.

Strategic Planning Services

EU MAP Consulting has at its core the ability to evaluate the unique strengths and weaknesses of each situation, and identify who the key stakeholders will be.  Put simply, our aim is to advance the best messages in order to persuade key audiences whilst maintaining message discipline.

Strategic Planning Services include:

 – Devising and implementing strategies specifically created to secure desired outcomes and to meet the specific interests and priorities of our clients.

– Developing the means to engage stakeholders and decision makers, including lobbying, person-to-person persuasion, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, and facilitated community meetings;

– Involving those with shared interests in specific areas to foster and strengthen individual participation to mutual joint advantage, while strengthening support for our client’s position.

Research and Monitoring

‘Knowledge is power’ is a well-known maxim, but no-where is it more truthful than in the field of politics and policymaking.  We are able to gather, analyse and evaluate information about existing and forthcoming legislation as well as policy consultations, publications and forums.

– Gathering early information through constant monitoring;

– Securing reliable intelligence, and providing perspective on key trends and context;

– Providing bespoke qualitative research projects to facilitate understanding and real insight into key issues and their dynamics;

Support Activities to Lobbying

Sometimes direct lobbying needs support activities which raise awareness and create a responsive climate amongst opinion formers and policy and decision makers.  We can:

– Manage and organize events on behalf of our clients to build awareness of their business and help secure specific business objectives;

– Organize media relations – to reach selected target audiences across a range of media;

We are also happy to organize mailings, seminars, briefing sessions, fringe events at conferences and press conferences. These are just some of the tools we can use but if you have specific requirements feel free to contact us directly.

Public Consultation

Public consultation at its best is about engaging stakeholders in a dialogue about possible changes that will affect them, before decisions are taken.

At EU MAP Consulting we ensure our clients can be fully involved in existing consultation processes and plans for new legislation or regulatory requirements.

Today’s regulatory environment can be complex and confusing.  Negotiating the political maze can be equally confounding.  We bring our understanding and contacts to capitalize on the decision making process and secure the right results.

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